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Bane Attack Collection

Bane is the one Batman viilian who actually defeats the masked crusader. The story line unfolds where Bane breaks Batman's back from the Batman comic #497 (July 1993) with art by Jim Aparo. Bane was able to accomplish is feat by creating the conditions that forced Batman to first spend all night rounding up his greatest foes after a mass Arkham breakout. Only at the end of the night when Batman was exhausted did Bane attack. Through his defeat at Bane’s hands, Batman learned that victory doesn’t always come through martial skill, but careful patience and planning to strike when your foe is weakest.

Batman gets his rematch with Bane in Detective Comics #701, finally defeating him in single combat.

In this design called Bane Attack, we see Batman and Bane, muscles bulging, hands drawn back in clinched fists as they face off against each other.

To read more about Bane go to our post about Batman villains.

You can read more about Bane and his story lines publication history in this exhaustive look at a Fandom page about Bane

Check out this cool collection with the Bane Attack design on t shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts for adults and kids. Have fun shopping

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