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Bane Flex Collection

In this design called Bane Flex, we see Bane with muscles bulging and his hands clinched fists squaring off to face Batman or any other rivals. Bane was created in the early 90s to fulfill a specific story function: he was to be the villain who would Break Batman.

According to the DC Comics story line, Bane was born inside the prison known as Pena Dura (Hard Rock) on the fictional Caribbean island of Santa Prisca, Bane was sentenced from birth to serve time for his absent father's revolutionary crimes. Training both his mind and body inside the prison, Bane would soon rise to become the unchallenged king of Pena Dura.

Yet according to the The Dark Knight Rises story line, Bane was born in the prison known as The Pit. He states: he was born in darkness and molded by it, and didn't see the light until he has an adult.

And on top of this,DC movies just keep changing Bane's backstory while the comics go their own way

Either way he had a brutal childhood that forced him to developed various skills that would be very useful once he escaped and became a villain

To read more about Bane go to our post about Batman villains.

You can read more about Bane and his story lines publication history in this exhaustive look at a Fandom page about Bane

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