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Bane Head Collection

Bane is a formidable adversary of Batman. There are many different iterations of Bane's mask. This design was inspired by the mask Bane wore as he appeared during the Knightfall arc in Detective Comics #666 (July 1993), art by co-creator Graham Nolan (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), and Adrienne Roy (colors).

But did you know why Bane wears this mask?
In the DC comics storyline Bane helped Talia al Ghul escape from the Pit, a hellish prison, where he was attacked by prisoners leaving him severely injured. A doctor failed to treat him and left him in chronic pain. Out of gratitude for saving his daughter, Ra's al Ghul liberated Bane from the Pit and provided him with a crude prototype mask to numb his pain. His now-iconic mask is equipped with an anesthetic that allows him to function more normally.

In the movie The Dark Knight Rises the costume designer, Linda Hemming, wanted to make Bane look animalistic with influences from spiders and gorillas.It was decided to stray from covering the villain in a full mask to pull away from the comics, cartoons, and other similar versions of Bane in the past. The final mask design ended up being a mix between a baboon baring its teeth and the machinery found under the hood of a car.

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You can read more about Bane and his story lines publication history in this exhaustive look at a Fandom page about Bane

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