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Here, MoonAtMidnight has made shopping for your favorite Batman hoodie or t-shirt so easy!  We've organized all of our Batman t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts by image.  Just click on the Batman theme below to find your favorite Batman image:  Our themes are described below:

Batman Logos & Signals - The traditional Batman insignia of the black bat with wings spread inside a yellow ellipse is just one of numerous Batman logos and signals that have been used by Batman over the past 75 years.  Here we have all of the logos from the various Batman TV series and feature films as well as some variations of the logo that you've probably never seen before.  

Batman v Superman - All of the images that you'll find here are inspired by the full feature movie Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice which was release March 2016.  

Batman from DC Comics - This is where it all began!  We feature a large assortment of images straight from the pages of DC Comics.  Whether it's a vintage Batman and Robin t shirt featuring an image from the 1940s or a more modern day Batman sweatshirt your looking for, all of the DC Comics Batman apparel options can be found here.

Batman the Animated Series - Touted as one of the best animated series of all times, Batman the Animated Series aired 85 episodes on Fox from 1992 to 1995.  A great alternative to our DC Comics Batman t shirts, all of our Batman Animated Series apparel items are great for both adults and children alike.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Consists of three full feature Batman movies released between 2005 - 2012.  The trilogy includes Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.  Most of our Dark Knight Trilogy images are available adult Batman sweatshirts, t shirts and other shirt options. A few of the images are available in youth t shirts and hoodies, but we do not offer this theme in toddler or young children's apparel.

All Other Batman - Some of the images we just weren't sure where to put them!  Our All Other Batman images are fun to browse through where you can find images of the Batmobile as well as some fun and clever Batman quotes. Make sure you take a peek here, because you might be surprised at what you'll find.

So once you've found your favorite Batman scene you can quickly check to see all of the Batman apparel options for adults and children alike that are available in that image. 


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