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Batman Adult Hoodies



Better three hours too soon than a minute too late - Batman

Welcome to the MoonAtMidnight.com
Batman Hoodie Collection


All our adult hoodies are made from 75% cotton/25% polyester blend fabric with a weight of 8.0 oz.

Other features include:

  • Double-needle cuffs
  • Pouch Pocket.

 **Double the width measurement to give you chest size**

Our regular hoodies are available in Men's sizes Small to 5X Large. Our premium hoodies are available in men's sizes Small to 3XLarge. Please see sizing chart below for more detail.

size chart adult hoodie

size chart adult hoodie

Every design piece in our collection is a nod to the iconic legacy of the Dark Knight and the sprawling city of Gotham he protects.

Batman Hoodies design page

Many of our hoodies, available in both adult and youth sizes, feature designs inspired by Batman's most legendary adventures.

While we take pride in our hoodie collection, we also cherish the broader Batman universe, from its heroes to its villains, and from the streets of Gotham to the depths of the Batcave. Every entity, every symbol, every swirl of a cape, every mask, and every character contributes to the grand narrative that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Tim Burton's 1992 movie, Batman Returns, proved to be extremely polarizing to critics and fans upon its release due to its dark tone. Nevertheless, with Tim Burton's unique visual style and re-imagining of Batman's mythology, it's reputation is solid within the DC film legacy.

Still from Tim Burton's 1992 movie, Batman Returns

A movie still from Tim Burton's 1992 movie, Batman Returns

The question is "Was this logo found on our Batman hoodie inspired by this movie?"

Batman Classic Logo Hoodie

The lore of Batman is rich and full of dynamic characters and iconic symbols. For instance, every time the Bat Signal lights up the sky, Gotham's citizens know that help is on the way.

Check out the hoodie from DC Comics Batman - Batman Dynamic Duo Hoodie, which shows multiple Bat signals and the dynamic duo, each in their iconic costume with their cape streaming behind as they race on their way to save yet another helpless citizen of Gotham.

The legacy of Wayne Enterprises and the brilliance of its CEO, Lucius Fox play a pivotal role in equipping Batman with the tools he needs to combat crime. As CEO of Bruce Wayne's multi-billion dollar company, Lucius presides over the strategy and management, ensuring it remains profitable as well as remaining ethical while maintaining a level of plausible deniability as to Bruce Wayne’s  nocturnally activities as Batman. Due to his intelligence and business acumen that’s second to none, Lucius plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial security of Wayne Enterprises. In addition, Lucius tends to allocate funds toward research and development projects that would be incredibly beneficial to the Dark Knight's causes.

Alfred Pennyworth is a second father to Wayne, serving as his conscience when the never-ending fight against evil wears on the Caped Crusader. Remember the wise words and guidance of Alfred, a British special forces veteran who in the role of a butler, is the most loyal friend and confidant of both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Endure, Master Wayne. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.

Why Do We Fall, Sir? So That We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Up.

 It would be great to have a hoodie design or even a sweatshirt design with some of Alfred’s memorable quotes, but we don’t.

For those who love the mystery of the Batcave that reveals the secrets of Batman's base of operations including his Batmobile,  we have a hoodie design of the iconic 1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile as seen in the 1960 Batman TV Series. Go to the Batmobile Collection to find the design available in both an adult and youth hoodie products as well as sweatshirts and t shirts.

Robin Hoodies

And who can forget the legacy of the Robins? From Dick Greyson, the first Robin, an orphaned circus acrobat who became the ward of Bruce Wayne after his parents were murdered, to Jason Todd, the second Robin after Dick Greyson became Nightwing, added a dark dimension to the character,  to another new Robin, a teenage genius  called after Jason was apparently killed off only to reappeared in 2005 DC comics as the antihero known as the Red Hood.

Timothy Drake as Robin proved popular with fans, and remained as the primary Robin for 15 years. A unique addition to the Robin legacy is Stephanie Brown who was previously the vigilante Spoiler. She became the first female Robin, unfortunately hers was short-lived tenure that ended apparently un her death. (FYI: Stephanie later resurfaced and took on the mantle of Batgirl.)

And then finally there is Damian Wayne the biological son of Batman who is the fourth Robin. Damian takes up the identity of Robin in the DC comics  Batman R.I.P story line (2008) and Batman: Battle for the Cowl (2009) becoming the fifth and current character to use the Boy Wonder's identity.

When Bruce Wayne finally returns from the grave, he and Damian officially became a father/son Dynamic Duo. Each Robin has left an indelible mark on Batman's journey.

Robin Hoodies design

See all the Robin Hoodies we offer.

READ more about all the different Robins in our post: The Ever-Evolving Role of Robin: Batman's Dynamic Sidekick.

Batman Arkham Knight Hoodies

For fans of  Batman Arkham Knight, the video game, you can relive the story lines of Batman Arkham Knight, the fourth in a series of action adventure video games that are all part of the Batman Arkham video game series with our hoodie designs. FYI: Batman Arkham Knight was the fastest selling game  when released in June of 2015 and had the highest sales compared to all the other games in the Batman Arkham series. 


See all the Batman Arkham Knight Hoodies we offer.

Made with a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester, our Batman hoodies ensure both style and warmth. Some believe the pouch pocket is not just a design element; it's a homage to Batman's utility belt, always ready for action. We use the pouch as a handy place to keep our hands warm in colder weather!

From the iconic Batman logo to the more nuanced designs that portray his various adventures, our range of Batman hoodies has something for every fan. Whether you're a seasoned comic reader or new to the Batman universe, you'll find a hoodie that speaks to your fandom.

Available in sizes ranging from Small to 3X Large, there's a fit for every caped crusader out there. Step into the world of Batman with our premium hoodie collection and wear your fandom with pride.


Batman Villains Hoodies

In the heart of Gotham, foes like the Joker, Bane, the Penguin, Catwoman, and Two-Face challenge Batman's wits and resilience. He also faces enigmatic adversaries like the Riddler and the haunting Scarecrow. Read more about Batman Villains in our post.

So dive deep into the streets of Gotham and its many Batman villains with our selection of Batman DC character hoodies. The first villain we want to showcase is the Joker, who  stands as arguably Batman’s most well-known and celebrated adversary.


Joker Hoodies design page

See all the Joker Hoodies we offer.



Often linked with the Joker is Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Known as Harley Quinn, she developed an admiration for the Joker which turned into an abusive codependent relationship with him when she was a psychologist at the Arkham Asylum. Harley Quinn became the Joker’s frequent accomplice working against Batman.

Harley Quinn hoodies

See all the Harley Quinn Hoodies we offer.

And don’t forget Bane, superhumanly strong, Bane escaped the prison where he was raised and became a test subject for the super­ steroid called Venom. He eventually headed to Gotham City to amass power and territory. Bane is the only super villain to have deeated Batman.

No matter what you may read about Bane or how intimidating he can look and act, he frequently makes thoughtful observations about this site. Recently he asked us "Why shoulfd folks buy a hoodie from MoonatMidnight?" And then he supplied his reasons which we have listed below, at his insistance. How could we refuse!

  • Fandom appeal: If you're a big fan of Batman, Bane, or DC Comics in general, owning an officially licensed Batman or Bane hoodie can be a way to express your fandom and wear your interests. Buying from a retailer like MoonatMidnight ensures you're getting an authentic product.
  • Quality materials: Companies like MoonatMidnight that focus on fandom merchandise tend to use higher quality materials and pay close attention to things like print quality to meet fan expectations.
  • Gift giving: A branded Batman hoodie or a Bane hoodie makes a great gift for the DC fan in your life, especially if it's from a place dedicated to cultivating merchandise for fans.
  • And buying from MoonatMidnight.com supports a smaller business rather than a large corporation. This can be a more rewarding shopping experience and helps promote independent retailers.

Thanks, Bane, for your insights. Of course, the reasonableness of buying depends on your personal interests, budget and how much you prioritize having an authentic branded piece of Batman/DC fandom apparel.

Bane hoodies design page

See all the Bane Hoodies we offer.


Our collections offer more than just hoodies. At our shop, you'll find a  variety of apparel products  including t shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts for adults, youths, kids and toddlers that will satisfy every Batman enthusiast's clothing needs. We even offer both Batman and Superman onesies designs for the littlest fans. From the classic Batman logo to more intricate designs showcasing Batman's various symbols and emblems, images from vintage comic covers, graphic renditions of Batman, even sayings, there's something for everyone.

Each Batman hoodie product design is inspired in some way from the vast and varied Batman universe, from the golden age comics to the modern cinematic portrayals of the Masked Crusader, to video games, including other DC characters such  various villains and the Justice League, an all-star ensemble cast of established superhero characters from DC Comics' portfolio. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for that special Batman fan.

Justice League hoodies designs

See all the Justice League Hoodies we offer.

Every design you see has been meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the very essence of Batman. Whether it's the vibrant colors of Gotham at dusk or the silhouetted figure of the Dark Knight against a moonlit sky, our Batman merchandise resonates with the timeless appeal of this iconic superhero.

Remember, every piece of apparel you buy from MoonAtMidnight.com is not just clothing. Think of it as a piece of art, a fragment of the Batman legacy that you can wear without a mask and showcase with pride.



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