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Batman Number 11 Distressed Collection


This Batman Collection, Number 11 Distressed, features a "distressed" cover image from the June/July 1942 Batman Comic Book #11 issue. With a splay of playing cards, the words BAT MAN printed in front of a Batman with opened black wings hovering in the background, while smaller figures of Batman punching out the Joker and Robins appearing among the cards, Number 11 Distressed is a great conversation starter. The actual comic story line revolves around The Joker and Penguin. If you find one of these DC Comic books, they are worth a lot of money, even those in fair condition!

To read the complete synopsis go to this DC Fandom site: Batman Vol 1 11.

Try to kill Robin, will you? I'm going to give you the beating of your life!
— Batman

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