Harley Quinn Smoking Gun Apparel Collection
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THIS CATEGORY, Harley Quinn Smoking Gun Apparel Collection IS NOT AVAILABLE


Our Harley Quinn Smoking Gun apparel collection features our favoritDr. Harleen Quinzel, known as Harley Quinnvillain-ette Harley Quinn.  Harley was The Joker's former psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum and now she's turned over a new leaf as the Joker's evil assistant.

This Harley Quinn apparel collection features Harley in her feminine jester's outfit holding a smoking hand gun.  In the background, you see a bunch of joker playing cards along with the King of Spades with a bullet through his heart, which happens to be Batman.

Read our post  about Harley Quinn and other Batman villains.

For more info about Harley Quinn go to:
Fandom : Harley Quinn
Wikipedia Harley Quinn


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