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I'm Superman Sublimated Collection


The Man of Steel Takes Fashion to New Heights with this Sublimated Im Superman Collection
For fans of the iconic superhero Superman, it's time to rep your fandom in style with the new sublimated Superman shirt and hoodie collection. This bold and vibrant collection puts all the power of the Last Son of Krypton right at your fingertips through cutting-edge sublimation printing technology.

What is Sublimation Printing?
Sublimation printing is a process that uses heat to permanently print designs onto fabric. The ink turns into a gas that bonds with the fabric's polymers, creating an integrated and long-lasting image. This allows for richer colors, finer details, and all-over printed designs that won't crack, peel or fade over time like typical screen prints.

The Superman Designs That Pop Off the Fabric
This collection’s design printed on super soft  polyester tees and hoodies. shows a partially open shirt, red tie undone, with a peak of the classic Superman iconic blue uniform with the yellow and red S symbol revealed. You'll feel like you're wearing a living, Superman costume bursting through the fabric in vivid color.

Why You Need This Superman Merchandise!
 For die-hard Superman fans and comic book enthusiasts, this wearable art provides the ultimate way to showcase your fandom passion. The superior printing allows the bright primary colors and dynamic realism that truly leaps off the clothing in a way standard prints can't match.

Caring for your sublimated garment
You can wear your Superman pride boldly for years to come. But…..We recommend avoiding hot water wash cycles and high-temperature drying settings for I'm Superman apparel since they can cause the colors to fade or lose their vibrancy. Select cold or lukewarm water settings whenever possible. We also recommend air drying to maintain the integrity of the print, but if you choose to use a dryer, turn the garment inside out and keep the temperature low.

Whether you're taking off for a night of super-fun or just looking for an eye-catching athletic top or hoodie, this super I am Superman collection has you covered. Suit up with these gravity-defying Superman t shirts and sweatshirt hoodies today!



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