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Superman Super Patriot Collection



Patriotic Power: The Super Patriot Superman Collection Blends Iconic Symbols
For decades, Superman has stood as one of the most recognizable American pop culture icons. With his red-and-blue suit, bulging muscles, and commitment to truth, justice and the American way, the Last Son of Krypton represents an ideal patriotic hero.

Now fans can fuse their love for the Man of Steel with their national pride through the Super Patriot collection from MoonatMidnight.com. The design element of this collection brilliantly merges the classic Superman emblem with imagery inspired by the Stars and Stripes for a series of apparel pieces that any Superman fan would be eager to add to their collection.

The Stars and Stripes Meet the House of El
At the heart of the Super Patriot collection is the distinctively distressed Super Patriot t-shirt. Made from a premium 100% cotton fabric, the real star is the iconic Superman S, ingeniously recreated using elements of the American flag featuring a subtly distressed look that gives it some vintage appeal. It's a clever melding of two incredibly impactful symbols—Superman's iconic emblem and the red, white and blue of our American flag

Cozy Patriotic Power
For Superman fans seeking a warmer apparel option, the Super Patriot pull over hoodie deploys that same iconic shield design across the chest..

The hoodie itself is made from a heavy-weight 75% cotton, 25% polyester fabric blend that offers great warmth and comfort. It features a roomy front pouch pocket, ribbed cuffs and hem, and the classic pullover hoodie silhouette. Available in men's and women's sizes, it's the perfect outer layer for sporting your Super Patriot pride on cooler days.

The Super Patriot collection also includes a crew neck sweatshirt for adults featuring the flag-inspired Superman graphic. Made from  a blend of 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric, this relaxed-fit sweatshirt provides ample coverage and cozy warmth. It's bound to become a go-to for patriotic fans when lounging at home or running errands in super style. Adult crewneck sweatshirts range form SM to 3X. Youth / kids hooded sweatshirts are sized from SM to XL.

Lasting Patriotic Fandom
No matter which pieces you choose from the collection, the Super Patriot line is meant to help your Superman fandom look fresh for years to come.The t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and sweatshirts can safely be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low heat. Caring for these Super Patriot pieces is a breeze. We recommend turning your garment inside out before washing or drying. The 100% cotton fabrics are pre-shrunk, so you never have to worry about your brand new Superman apparel leaving you struggling to still fit into it after a trip through the wash. 

A Celebration of Iconic American Symbols
With its clever merging of Superman's iconic crest and the stars and stripes of the American flag, the Super Patriot collection represents an ingenious way for fans to represent two of the nation's most enduring symbols.

On one side, you have Superman—the quintessential patriotic hero. With his commitment to truth, justice and the American way, Superman has embodied traditional American values and ideals for over 80 years. His super-strength, bravery, morals and endless battle for what's right have made the Man of Steel a beloved icon and role model across generations.
On the other you have America's own stars and stripes—a flag design rich with symbolism and meaning. 

Woven together, these two powerful symbols create a celebration of America's fighting spirit, love of freedom, and unwavering moral compass in the face of adversity. It's an artistic representation of tough yet principled American strength—ideals which Superman has embodied throughout his storied history.

Living Up to the Super Patriot Name
Opt for the subtly distressed Super Patriot t-shirt, the warm Super Patriot hoodie, or the cozy Super Patriot sweatshirt, this collection allows you to embody the heroic leadership, integrity and unflagging commitment to justice that Superman represents.

While rocking these threads, you can carry yourself with the same poise and moral fortitude as the Last Son of Krypton—using your own talents and abilities to stand up for what's right. You can be a real-life super friend to those around you, serving as a shining example of truth and benevolence just as Superman does in the comics.

And thanks to the collection's patriotic theming, you'll also be celebrating and honoring the ideals that America was built upon.

Whether you're a comic book devout who's followed Superman's adventures from the Golden Age to the Rebirth era or just a casual fan of the mythos, the Super Patriot collection gives you a chance to outwardly showcase your allegiance to truth, justice, the American way and the never-ending battle for what's right and decent.



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