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Who Wears Batman T Shirts?


Batman wearing participants in a European race

We wanted to see if there was a public record of folks wearing Batman T shirts in their everyday life, so we went online searching for mentions. Found tons of kids wearing them, but we were especially interested in adults flying the Batman flag. We found a lot! They were in characters in film reviews, experts speaking at conferences, educators, local heroes, band members, politicians, batman fans, models, puppets, and many anonymous t shirt fans.

Elizabeth Olsen  &  Kourtney Kardashian

 Elizabeth Olsen wearing Batman T shirtkourtney kardashian wearing Batman T shirt

Christian Bale 2023  wearing Batman T shirt

Christian Bale

Check out the stories we've compiled below - you might be amazed at how strongly Batman is embedded in our culture as a positive force and Why Batman T Shirts Are So Popular:

"I distinctly recall walking into that advanced placement physics lecture on the first day of classes at Brown University. The professor had his back to us, writing on the chalkboard some additional reading assignments, wearing a suit jacket as was customary in those days. When he turned around to face us, instead of a shirt and tie, he had a white t shirt with the words "Batman" on it in a bold black font. Now while this was definitely not the kind of flashy t shirt you can find on this website, it made a very strong impression on me and any of my classmates who are tuned in to the non-traditional - the iconoclast mindset - that was so clearly present in the person teaching this course and making it memorable. It also made this particular professor immediately more hip and approachable, and that's really saying something when you're talking about AP physics at an Ivy League school. I kept waiting for an opportunity to connect and when one of the exams asked for a comment on the course, I couldn't resist writing, "Dear Professor Batman, the best thing about this course for me was that you exposed who you really are and I expect it will help everyone taking it find justice through physics." When the blue book came back there was a note that said, "Batman hopes that your grade will be determined by hard work and progress, not by distractions like a t shirt." I took this as a perfect retort to an overly casual freshman's snark - justice had been done." Denny Hagen

Here's another story of a highly technical gathering where the expert presenter uses a Batman t shirt as a matter of style and to make a point. At a high tech Information Governance Exchange gathering, a well respected developer Peter Barnes, of Soho Now and world reknown Batman enthusiast, stuck out due to his attire - he sported one of his best Batman t shirt choices while we all wore jackets and ties. "...his one on one chats were a huge hit among the participants - he's an expert in implementing big data solutions which is an area not yet understood by most professional data managers. Loved his Batman shirt, loved his chat, will emulate his attire next time." Bart Bennison, CIO StubSelect  https://www.informationgovernanceexchange.com

Batman Classic Logo

From the World Melanoma Congress in Vancouver a teacher uses Batman shirts to keep tabs on her students on a field trip (we're aware of other teachers using this technique to identify their charges when out in the wild): The last time I visited the Bloedel Conservatory a class of high school students was there. All the students were wearing a stylish Batman T shirt of one Batman inspired design or another. I stopped one of the boys who had this amazing sublimated print of a heroic super human looking Batman against a Gotham City background with rain slashing down around him. "what's up with the t-shirts?" I asked. Apparently the teacher wanted an easy visual to keep track of the kids and the students themselves came up with the Batman motif. The variety of Batman t-shirt designs was pretty astounding. They ranged from the super realistic sublimated prints to classic Batman logo shirts, to shirts that had Batman and another character such as his wingman Robin, Superman, the Joker, among others. Needless to say the group of students made my visit to the Bloedel Conservatory very memorable. https://www.worldmelanoma.com

Notes from a participant at the M2M Innovation World Congress - this is a high level high tech gathering where experts present ideas that are on the cutting edge and where the skills referred to here are in super high demand simply because there are few real experts: "Was really impressed with Dr. Richard's talk on Big Data, which is something I was really interested in and eager to learn how industry was applying this discipline. He took the podium wearing a Batman t shirt, commenting that like Batman saving the world from criminal elements, big data was saving the world from chaos. Loved that take on it." Bob Knight  https://www.m2minnovationworldcongress.com

This is from the website created to promote the first Syracuse Fringe Festival giving voice to local and regional artists and acts that push against the traditional boundaries of the performing arts: The Syracuse Fringe Festival was considered the first festival of its kind in the central New York region. I drove up from New York City to attend and had a fantastic time. One act that jumped out at me was a kind of country/punk/jazz group called Pink Octopi. Their music was amazingly different yet engaging. They all were dressed in weird outfits that included Batman t shirts and silver pants. I was also struck by their t shirts - these were Batman designs I had never seen before - and I'm a Batman fan from way back.  https://www.syracusefringefestival.com

An aside from the opening of the new, expansive boutique located in the exclusive Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu district of Seoul: A photo shoot for a Batman promo was wrapping up as we arrived to scout out the venue. Gorgeous male and female models were sporting a cool Batman t shirt selection to die for - all appeared to be unique and new designs taken from movie scenes or comic book cover renditions. http://www.slashitmag.com/

Sublimated black body amour Batman design

We love examples of amazing moms showing their stuff - doing the thankless tasks that make for happier better adjusted children, and sometimes giving a nod to the Dark Knight. Jane Lovering is a regular mum. She gets the kids off to school, walks the two dogs on the North York Moors and five mornings a week goes to work in a local school as a biology research technician. Then she sorts the kids out when they come home from school, organises the evening meal, feeds the four cats and five hens and gives the dogs another work out. Her sartorial choice for this work out usually includes a high quality Batman t shirt - her hero is obviously also a workaholic - and by associating herself with the dark knight, she conjures the special with the mundane. Her Batman t shirts are really pretty amazing to look at. What sets Jane apart from most regular mums, however, is that every afternoon, she settles down on her bed with her lap top and writes award-winning novels.  http://www.rna-awards.com/

Found on JackLondonNews.com in a comment by a Batman fan discovering a college level course about Batman. We checked this out and there actually is such a course and it was apparently very popular for obvious reasons. It's probably safe to assume that Batman T shirts were not uncommon on this campus: "During the time that this website was regularly updated, my journalism professor used it as required reading for his course on internet journalism, so I was a regular reader. Because I lived far from Oakland, the local news was not very interesting to me, but there were a couple of eye-opening stories that I will remember forever. One was a restaurant that served road kill. I never believed that story, but my prof told me it was real. The other was a story on a college that had a course on Batman. I am and will always be a Batman fan so I read that one with great interest and did the research to confirm its validity. The course looked at how a real person might be able to attain the strength and endurance of the Batman character. Seems silly, I know, but you have to remember that Batman is one of the only superheros that is a regular person, with no magical superpowers. I wished I could enroll in that course." Tanya Wells  http://www.jacklondonnews.com/

This sighting is actually a debunking story. A rumor was being passed that a guy won a prestigious award and wore a Batman T shirt instead of a tux at the televised ceremony. But this commenter debunks both parts of the rumor using a video of the event and catches a Batman T shirt in the wild, and on the stage: "I recorded the broadcast of this event in order to debunk a widely spread rumor that Miles Chapman (1) received an award, and (2) that instead of a tux he wore a Batman t shirt onstage when receiving his award. The video explains both inaccuracies. A guy who looks very much like Miles was on stage, and was there to help the presenters as a technician when there was a problem with the sound system. And I did see a Batman shirt - it briefly made an appearance when the tech had to help reposition the camera marks for the artists. And when visiting a web store that sold Batman apparel I did find the same Batman t shirt online so there's no doubt in my mind that it was a genuine item. But it wasn't Miles wearing it, just like it wasn't the real Batman!" Jesse Robins  http://www.gmamusicawards.com/

Here is a dream professor and a good example of the currency of Batman T shirts. The professor holds an annual Batman Symposium focused on American Literature from a Batman point of view. Is that cool or what? And as for currency - the price of admission is an article of Batman branded apparel, so you know there are going to some T shirts in the crowd: This archived website has been restored for use in Professor Jonathan Hartman's American Literature II course for 2nd year lit majors. Dr. Hartman is known for his non-traditional presentations of his subject matter and has a devoted student following as a result. His infamous Batman Symposium is a provocative annual affair where the Dark Knight is revered and the theme of the evening is American Literature seen through the lens of the superhero. Attendance is voluntary, but Batman garb is a requirement for admission. The gathering always attracts a number of A list celebrities along with a contingent of the local press. Admission may be had for the price of a Batman t shirt. http://www.horrorfictionnews.com/

Bat wings logo

Puppets of Japanese warlords and swordsmen are featured in this insanely funny show. Samuai puppets wearing Batman shirts creates a sensation that is both culturally respectful while being insanely funny.  "The June Group's Dwayne Rider has been a huge fan of Kakushow and started an American comedy show based in part on the humor of this Japanese hit. He produced a multi-city tour featuring a Japanese Batman character that is getting rave reviews with his silliness. Seeing Japanese inspired puppets dressed in Batman shirts and hoodies acting like samurais and warlords is a riot!" Marshall Tanke, reviewer for The Limitless   http://www.kakushow.com/

A difficult ecological solution was rewarded appropriately by bringing in the Dark Knight into the program of the high honors and recognition ceremony for a CEO Batman fan. In the latest installment of Ask The Expert, producer Ben Pomeroy visited with Emily Landsburg, CEO of  Black Gold Biofuels to learn about the infrastructure scourge and energy potential of used cooking oil’s less glamorous cousin, restaurant grease trap waste. Unlike yellow grease from cooking oil, grease trap waste had no practical applications until Landsburg and her company created one that’s now adding value for towns and cities. Pomeroy presented Landsburg (known to be a Batman maven) with the NONR customized high honors: some black sublimated designs of Batman T shirts, a NONR Recognition Certificate, and some very good press for her company.  http://www.noworneverradio.org/

The Cool Blue Company shows off the latest Batman fashions at their annual outdoor event which showcased their high tech capabilities with a celebration open to the press. The Cool Blue Company, became an outlet to explore new discoveries in telecommunications technology with the Cool WAP Site of the Day, a daily digest of all that was new and promising in WAP technology. Known for their devotion to Batman, their annual outdoor gathering is where the latest Batman t shirts are expected to make a showing. It's a fashion show of sorts in celebration of the new technologies via a favorite superhero. 

A radical idea may or may not be crazy, but there's always someone who will call it that. Here's a defiant post where someone gets intentionally fired for wearing a Batman T shirt! Go girl!: Fly your true flag no matter what other people say. I decided to get fired by wearing my favorite Batman t shirt instead of a suit, and surreptitiously record the corporate reaction on video. After several different lectures on the value of a dress code, I was ignobly fired in my gloriously colorful Batman t shirt. Got a good amount of new traffic to the video I posted on Facebook. But then I got a cease and desist order from the lawyers so I had to pull it down. That made it a news story that made the national press - behemoth investment house vs lowly unpaid intern - and the story took off even without the video. I think I'm going to be able to use this exposure to convince the online vendor of Batman apparel to hire me to promote their super hero t shirts. If I didn't fly my flag I would still be making coffee for some creepy dudes every day and still not getting paid.  http://www.amicrazyoraretheycrazy.com/

Batman and Catwoman Comic cover

A reviewer is paying close attention to some Batman love in the film, but is conflicted and likely annoyed by it from a read of his crit, but he might be making a mountain of a mole hill, and alienating Dark Knight fans in the process: I didn't quite understand the significance of the closet filled with his huge Batman T shirt collection, and it seemed a bit anachronistic, but it worked quite well in getting a laugh from the audience. I assumed that Batman had not yet entered the social consciousness, but that probably doesn't matter. And if Bukowski actually was a Batman fan, then it explains some of his weirdness.   http://www.factotummovie.com/

A family trip to the Ocean Shore Interpretive Center finds a docent wearing his Batman colors as he teaches the family about the wonderful natural world of the  maritime environment: The docent (I didn't get his name) made a huge impression on my kids because he was wearing the exact same Batman t shirt they were wearing (Batman Begins) and when they pointed this out to him, he was able to make several references to actual local bat facts that were fascinating. They asked him where he got his shirt and it also turned out to be the same online store where we purchased ours. This was another coincidence that definitely got the attention of my kids - they were enthralled with this docent. His lighthearted demeanor made our day and his knowledge of the natural surroundings in this area was both fascinating and informative. Plus, he's a fellow Batman fan! And he was so patient and informative, explaining to us amazing things about the maritime environment that we never heard of before. You obviously don't need to be Batman fan to enjoy this great place, but it really made a difference for us.  http://www.oceanshoresinterpretivecenter.com/

The event at the Crypto Valley Summit was more than a gathering of crypto currency fanatics talking about the wonders of block chain strategies - the future of crypto is bright and there's a Batman t shirt wearing guy talking about how Gotham would be forever changed by the crypto revolution: "Craig Reese from InfoSys gave a hugely popular talk on the future of crypto. In the middle of his presentation, he took off his jacket, undid his tie, and removed his dress shirt to reveal a Batman t shirt, which was printed to look like a jacket and tie. He then went on to say that Gotham would be forever changed by the availability of block chain transactions and covered the multitude of scenarios where the advantage would be given to unchained currencies (his term). After a lengthy presentation one distinguished fellow raised his hand with a single question: "Where do you get your Batman t shirts?" Unfortunately, they don't accept crypto currency as yet, but that may be changing soon." Roy Knight  http://www.cryptovalleysummit.com/

Getting hitched can now be a Batman event in the Grand Bahama tradition. This resort offers an amazingly awesome ceremony on the beach with the blessing of your favorite superhero: Want it simple or different? How about a Batman themed wedding on the beach with Robin and the Joker acting as ushers? There's even a special on this Batman T shirt for just such an occasion and we've had more than one couple take them up on it! And I'm sure the proliferation of Batman T shirts has inspired many a fun wedding where the Dark Knight rules and the wedding party can all wear cool Batman shirts, maybe even under a tux. The Batman Begins T shirt is probably perfect for a young couple to begin their lives together! Absolutely nothing is too outrageous when it's your wedding! There is an endless list of possibilities of what Grand Bahama weddings can offer. The bride and groom should have the day that they will long remember. Not just the guests. Do what you want to do for your wedding in The Bahamas.  http://www.hamptoncourtvacationrentals.com/

Tuxedo with black batman tshirt with logo

A student attendee at the Global Energy Systems Conference finds a connection with one of the presentors and was especially attuned to his informality in this formal setting - so much so that he intends to emulate him. Using Batman as a model for an ethical approach to energy production drove home the point in a way that's easy for Batman fans to understant: "Dr. Smithfield was a notable exception to the strict formality exhibited by most other speakers - he addressed the conference wearing a Batman t shirt and expressed a strong opinion that energy provided an ethical test for the future, using Batman's philosophy of common good as an example to follow. I was enthralled with this approach because I agree and did not hear this concern expressed by any other presenter. I was able to chat with him afterwards and he impressed upon me the urgency of climate change. Having been a Batman fan since I was very young, I noticed that his t shirt was one I had never seen. He turned me on to a very cool website where they specialize in Batman t shirts and I later found his shirt in their online collection - which is truly impressive for the sheer size of their selections. I now wear that very same t shirt and feel empowered to make the same arguments as Dr. Smithfield whenever I get the chance knowing Batman stands with me." Roger Galway  http://www.globalenergysystemsconference.com/

Discovering a convention of Batman fans at a vacation resort kind of makes your day if you know what I mean. For this person, finding this group was the most memorable event of his entire vacation: "I loved the view out on the water. This is one of a number of hotels along the waterfront - that's what you're paying for. The rooms are small so it's not where you want to hang all day. The most memorable thing on the day we arrived was a group of Batman fans holding a convention of sorts and I am coincidentally also a fan. They were all dressed in brand new Batman t shirts. This was more memorable than our accommodations here." Donald Berk, Travel Dazzle  http://www.csmadeiraatlanticresort.com/

Imagine finding Batman at a renaissance festival. At first this guy considered an inappropriate anachronism, but on second thought it was such gorgeous t shirt: "I attended the 2014 festivities and had a marvelous time. Had a pair of custom boots made for me and I love and wear them still. The entertainment was superb, especially the magicians! I was chatting with one of the knights in armor and noticed that when he removed his breast plate he had a Batman t shirt on underneath. At first I was aghast at the blasphemy of a modern article of clothing, but it was an amazingly gorgeous print of the Batman Begins movie, and I am an avid Batman fan. Short story: So not only did I get a cool pair of hand made boots but also received an incredible tip on where to buy the best Batman t shirts I've ever seen. I'm wearing one right now!" Jason Smythe of Olde Windsor  http://www.oregonrenfest.com/

Gotta love a helpful boyfriend who wears Dark Knight gear and shares the source: Her boyfriend showed up to help out wearing the coolest Batman t shirt I've ever seen. Apparently it's a new printing process called sublimation, which captures the details and colors in amazing detail. He showed me the website where he bought his and I'm definitely going to take a look when I get back home and have some time. My little brother is a huge Batman fan so I'll probably shop for his birthday present at this Batman shirt store. http://www.nationalfamilyhistoryfair.com/

Batman is too strong a brand if you're trying to get your band noticed - don't want them to think of you as the Batman band - a lessoned learned about using band members to promote a product comes with some major downsides if that product is more memorable than the band: "I had the privilege of watching this band rehearse their live set in June 2014 and was blown away by their technical chops as well as their arrangements. Super tight, super on key and perfectly engaged with one another. My friend Niles was handling the sound duties for the rehearsal so I really got a front row seat. Some promoter was trying to get the band to wear their Batman branded shirts and hoodies, so it was a blast to see them all in Batman T shirts (the hoodies were too warm). When the band's manager arrived, he had the band remove all their Batman apparel and scolded the promoter for intruding on sacred ground, so I guess those t shirts will never get on stage." Neville Lorde  http://www.avalonopera.com/

Batman Arkham Knight City Watch Logo

The reviewer did not like this film, but found one scene that he loved enough to want to act it out: While most of this film is a bit too silly for my taste, the Batman routine cracked me up. Seeing these dorky guys trying to be cool by wearing the same Batman t shirt while trying to convince their boss that he could be Robin was hilarious, especially since the boss had no idea who Robin was. That scene inspired me to want one of those Batman t shirts, so I actually went to the website that sells them and ordered a couple for me and my brother - going to try that routine out on my dad. http://www.doubledhamaalmovie.com/

A CEO tries to motivate the troops with a rousing call to action that is clearly influenced by our superhero and a call to be him: Preston Philips III, CEO of Calamu, said, “Open source is the counterintuitive key to survival in a super competitive world. We need the defiance of Batman, and it wouldn't hurt to have some of his technology. So get yourself into the right mindset, put on that Batman t shirt and that same confident attitude, fly out of the Batcave in the Bat car sporting your best stylish Batman T shirt designs, and come prepared to play. Because our world needs players, not watchers. Always be Batman!”  http://www.ossummit.com/

Another bad movie review, but this time the critic disapproves of too much Batman: I found the constant Batman t shirt references a bit distracting and unnecessary. Does every female character wear Batman shirts everyday? I must admit that there were some very nice quality Batman t shirt styles on display, but such overt placements breed contempt from critics. http://www.chaletgirl-movie.com/

"I attended in 2007 and again in 2009. This is a chance to see a number of amazing acts that may not be accessible to you otherwise. And jazz really has no language barrier if you know what I mean. Really loved the Polish group Poodl and was able to meet the players in Dead Sea Squirrels. Anarky is a trio - drums, bass, and electric zither that blew me away. Also their uniform (if you call it that) consisted of amazing Batman t shirts. I took a photo of the band for my daughter who is a big Batman fan, and that photo is now on the wall in her room. I found great new music, great times and a Batman t shirt connection all from the same festival!" Brett Taylor (ZPunkman)  http://www.fertilizerfestival.com/

A leadership summit brings out the Batman in us: "I met Carl Smith Rogers who was wearing a Batman T shirt for his leadership talk, motivating us to emulate the Dark Knight and persist when failure seems certain. But now I understand why Batman is so often mentioned as a role model of sorts - his determination for justice with no regard to the difficulty of getting it is the attribute all leaders want to exude. I now always wear a Batman Begins t shirt when training new employees or members of the team because it makes ME feel good and I know that you can't go wrong fighting for the little man with Batman on your side." Don Mitchell  http://www.3isummit.com/


Design from Batman comic issue 75

Encouraging the skills to build self esteem to gay youth who have been bullied is a job that can use the assistance of Batman: "Eduardo Roja introduced me to the idea of Speaking Out via the training he received and passed on to others. Eduardo is the bravest person I know, and I was inspired by him and his bravery. When I met him, he was dressed in a Batman T shirt and was advocating for a young teen who had been bullied in school for having the courage to come out to his peers. I could see from his demeanor that Eduardo was unrelenting in his support for victims of gay bashing, and he was clearly making a difference to all those who happened to hear this interaction. "Be Batman! Be strong and confident, and speak out with intensity!" he instructed. The teen smiled meekly and asked how he could summon Batman - he clearly liked the idea. "Sometimes clothes makes the man," Eduardo said as he summoned O'Henry to make his point. He then gave the teen his shirt, "This is from my favorite Batman t shirt site and it will make you strong, just by wearing it!" I treated that gift of a Batman t shirt as a powerful talisman, a source of Batman mystique. As silly as that might sound, it had a huge impact on me. I don't need a Batman shirt, but I do get the sense that doing the right thing as the Dark Knight would do is something that is easy to understand in this circumstance. Always be Batman!" Ricardo Garcia  http://www.hivadvocates.net/

Even Batman could not help this band whose name rhymes with jihad - and the band members are Middle Eastern - after the US suffers the 911 attack. "Huge fan and worked for over 12 of Shihad's 20 years as one of their roadies - worked on their concerts in Wellington, Berlin, and the outdoor festival in Sydney. Observed several different phases of their evolution, lived through the death of a manager, the USA tour, etc. They even went through a Batman phase, where everyone, including the technical crew wore Batman t shirts. Started in Berlin because we were there when the movie came out and we all went crazy for Batman. The worst time though was the USA tour after the terrorist attack of 911 when all that anti-Muslim hatred rained down on us even though none of us were Muslim - we just had name that rhymed with "jihad" - crazy! But horrible for us. We all dreamed of the American tour, but that one turned into a nightmare." James Loft  http://www.shihadmovie.com/

Here's an anti-aging idea that starts with the right attitude - the one that Batman inpires: It’s funny how when the leaves go through a change we marvel at the magnificent colors they produce. You ever wonder if they are in excruciating pain while going through this metamorphosis. We humans go through physical changes without much fanfare and/or glory; just pain and plenty of it. There are many ways to deal with it using models and heros. I like the Batman example - he's always in pain and fights his way through it - that is a huge motivator for some. Get a Batman t shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt and wear it like a uniform. The guy is always beat down, worn out, ready to collapse, but suddenly his center takes over and he steps forward to conquer. The karma can rub off on you if you can let Batman motivate you to push back against the tyranny of old age creeping over you. Just looking at the designs on those awesome Batman t shirts - Batman Begins, Batman Returns, Batman Trilogy are some that work for me - can get an extra mile out of you when running or biking or skiing or kayaking and the ancient muscles start to rebel. We can't help but age, but we can get our heads to help us!  http://www.vitessepress.com/

Remember Y2K? When the century began huge technical difficulties were imagined due to the additional digits needed to properly express time in data form. Perhaps the editors could use a little help and encouragement by standing together to face the onslaught with a Batman attitude: The tongue in cheek article regarding calling Batman to save us got rave reviews from the most unexpected places. The post suggested that only Batman could address an evil this devious and widespread and that he would come if we all cooperated. A group of editors posed for the photo each wearing a different Batman t shirt and some also wore masks. The point was that if Batman was summoned, he would arrive, even if only in spirit, in the minds of those who could actually address the myriad problems associated with the y2k bugs (yes, plural). The conclusion pointed out that it must have worked because the disaster was nowhere near as bad a predicted, so the Dark Knight was with us and saved the day without actual villains having to be harmed!  http://www.y2knews.com/

Saying Always Be yourself  Unless You Can be Batman Then Always Be Batman

When the leadership of an organization sets an impressive example, people follow in their footsteps. It starts with employees and ends up influencing the community: Agenda For Children is to make Louisiana a state in which all children can thrive, by ensuring that the basic needs of children and families are met; that our children are nurtured and well taught, beginning in the early years and continuing through adolescence; that they are protected from harm; and by acting in ways that combat racism and other forms of oppression. Executive director Matthew Burgess is responsible for the hugely motivating "Notes on the Agenda" - an article reprinted on numerous educational websites - in which he presents the principles and goals that drive this amazing organization. He's viewed as a local hero (and can be seen wearing his signature Batman T-shirts when addressing teachers, parents and students) who has influenced the national educational establishment with his upbeat and sensible programs. He is the organization's most experienced fund raiser as well as role model for the younger execs in the organization. A side note: the wearing of Batman t-shirts became a craze among certain enthisiastic supporters. You often see parent wearing them at Parent-Teachers meetings and other school gatherings.  http://www.nolaparentsguide.org/

A Batman t shirt giveaway becomes a news item and a political statement all at once. A constituent sings the praises of his candidate and uses Batman as the metaphor when a serendipidous event makes it all happen: My name is Jonathan Purdue and I'm a huge fan of Jim Barnett. He is a motivated leader whose heart is in the right place and will fight for us. I liken him to Batman in that he is a fighter who understands the plight of the common man and is ready to come to the rescue when the chips are down. And someone up there clearly agrees with me. At the rally in Springfield, we were giving away "Barnett for Governor" t shirts when we discovered that the shirt manufacturer shipped us a carton of brand new Batman T shirts in various sizes by accident. The company told us to keep the Batman shirts, so we started giving those out instead and quickly discovered a huge following for the dark knight and we were able to leverage that popularity toward our candidate. The story made the evening news - even saw a national report on the "Batman Candidate for Governor" as a result. I see this accidental story as one of making lemonade from lemons - where a t shirt disaster was turned into a serendipitous success. Vote for Jim! Batman approves! Would like to add that our candidate was ultimately elected with an assist by Batman karma.  http://www.barnettforgovernor.com/


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