Batman Quotes
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Batman Quotes

Batman logo between quote marks

These Batman quotes are no only from Batman, but also from other characters of the DC Batman universe.


    "I'm Batman."

- "Batman" (1989)
    This line is said by Michael Keaton's Batman to a thug after an intense fight in an alley. In this short and simple declaration, Batman is asserting his identity and establishing the power and fear associated with the name. It's a way of communicating that justice has arrived and that criminals should be scared.


    "I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman!"

- "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

Image from Batman: The Animated Series

    In this line from the episode "Nothing to Fear," Batman faces off against the Scarecrow. These words are a declaration of Batman's purpose: he embodies vengeance against crime, he operates in the shadows, and he is a symbol that strikes fear in the hearts of criminals.


    "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me."

- "Batman Begins" (2005)

Batman Begins quote with image of Batman

    Batman says this to Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend. It's an important theme of the film: it doesn't matter who Batman is underneath his mask, it's his actions (fighting crime, upholding justice) that truly define him. This mirrors Bruce Wayne's struggle to reconcile his identities as the playboy billionaire and the vigilante Batman.


    "Sometimes the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people need more."

- "The Dark Knight" (2008)

Poster The Dark Knight movie
    At the end of "The Dark Knight," Batman decides to take responsibility for Harvey Dent's crimes in order to preserve Dent's image as a hero for Gotham. This line reflects Batman's belief in the power of symbols and ideals over harsh realities. He sees that the citizens of Gotham need hope and a hero to believe in.


    "Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up."

- "Batman Begins" (2005)
    This is originally a line from Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father. After young Bruce falls into a well, Thomas tells him this to teach him about resilience. This wisdom from his father becomes a guiding principle for Bruce, helping him overcome the adversities he faces as Batman.


    "The night is darkest just before the dawn."

- "The Dark Knight" (2008)
    This is said during a press conference by Harvey Dent, the district attorney, who is feeling hopeless about the state of Gotham. Dent uses this metaphor to reassure the press and the people of Gotham that hope and light are coming, even when things seem to be at their worst.


    "If Clark wanted to, he could use his superspeed and squish me into the cement. But I know how he thinks. Even more than the Kryptonite, he's got one big weakness. Deep down, Clark's essentially a good person... and deep down, I'm not."

- "Batman: Hush" 2019 

Poster Batman Hush

    Batman's musing on Superman's moral code versus his own is a deep reflection on their differing methods. Batman suggests he's capable of crossing lines Superman wouldn't, which makes him potentially more dangerous and unpredictable. This shows the level of introspection Batman has about his actions.


    "You start pretending to have fun; you might even have a little by accident."

- "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

Poster Batman The Animated Series

    In this moment of levity, Batman shows a dry sense of humor and offers a playful nudge to his companion. Despite his brooding nature, Batman is not devoid of humor and humanity.


    "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"

- "Batman" (1966)
    This quote is from the campy 1960s "Batman" film starring Adam West. In this comedic scene, Batman is literally running around trying to dispose of a live bomb, but he's constantly thwarted by various innocents in harm's way, including nuns and a marching band. It's a reminder that despite his grim demeanor, Batman has been portrayed in various tones over the years, from dark and serious to light-hearted and funny.


    "I never saved anything for the swim back."

- "Batman: Year One"

Comic cover- Batman Year One

    In Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One," this quote represents Batman's total commitment to his mission. He doesn't hold back or reserve any energy for his personal safety or return. It's an example of Batman's selflessness and his willingness to risk everything in his fight against crime.


    "I wear a mask. And that mask, it's not to hide who I am, but to create what I am."

Comic cover of Batman vol 1 #624
Batman #624 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2004. It was published on February 25, 2004.

- "Batman" Vol. 1#624
    Here, Batman explains that he doesn't use his mask simply for anonymity. The mask, and what it represents, is integral to his crusade against crime. It's not just a disguise, but a creation of the symbol and idea of Batman, a force for justice.


    "It's not really my legacy anymore. Batman belongs to all of us"

- "Batman: White Knight"

    Sean Murphy wrote this comic 8 part series where he reversed the roles of Batman and Joker. In the series, the Joker is seemingly cured of his madness and sets out to become a politician under his real name of Jack Napier deciding to beat Batman by becoming the White Knight that Gotham really needs, while Batman is seen as the main villain.

At the very end of Batman: White Knight  Jack Napier reverts to The Joker and Batman removes his cowl and reveals his true identity to Gordon, Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and one of Batman's most trusted allies in order to regain his trust.


    "Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot. So my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts."

- "Detective Comics" #33

    This early Batman quote reveals why Bruce Wayne chose the bat as his symbol. He believes criminals are cowardly and superstitious, and uses this to his advantage. The bat, a creature of the night, is associated with fear and darkness, and thus helps him intimidate criminals.


    "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you."

- "Batman Begins" (2005)

    Batman says this to Ra's al Ghul, his mentor turned adversary, who's about to die in a train crash. This is a reflection of Batman's strict no-kill policy, while also showing his understanding that he doesn't need to go out of his way to save those who've committed terrible acts. It's a complex moral stance that continues to fuel debates among fans.


    "I've got one power. I never give up."

- "Batman Beyond"

Batman Beyond  Poster

TV Series 1999 - 2001
an American animated television series created by The WB Television Network.

    Even though Batman lacks the superhuman abilities of many of his fellow heroes, his perseverance is his greatest strength. This quote reflects his indefatigable will to continue fighting, no matter how bleak the circumstances.


    "A criminal is not complicated. What you really fear... is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things."

- "Batman Begins" (2005)

Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard Batman's mentor
In director Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy, Liam Neeson's Ra's al Ghul famously trained Bruce Wayne and taught him the skills he would later wield as Batman.

    This line is spoken by Henri Ducard during a conversation between Bruce and his mentor, Ducard (later revealed as Ra's al Ghul). Bruce is exploring his fears, and Ducard explains that what Bruce truly fears is not external but internal—his own potential for good or evil. It's a core theme of the film, and of Batman's character: the struggle to use power responsibly.


    "You don't get heaven or hell. Do you know the only reward you get for being Batman? You get to be Batman."

- "Detective Comics Issue #853"

Comic illustration Batman with his mother Martha Wayne

From an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2009.

    This quote spoken by Martha Wayne was the mother of Batman (Bruce Wayne), as he drifts in extracorporeal conscience at his own funeral. She asks Bruce what has he learned of his experience so far. Bruce has learned that no matter what happens, He doesn't do it for glory or posthumous rewards, but because it's the right thing to do. Being Batman is not a reward; it's a responsibility. And then Martha Wayne says the quote. Batman thinks this is a near death experience, but but Martha tells him otherwise. This time, his death is inevitable. However, Batman doesn't believe in the afterlife and doesn't understand what else could be there for him.


    "Everything's impossible until somebody does it."

- "Batman" DC issue #682

Batman DC comic cover issue #682

    This quote showcases Batman's optimism and determination. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges he faces, Batman always believes in the possibility of victory, illustrating his never-give-up attitude.


    "The world only makes sense if you force it to."

- "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016)

Batman versus Superman Dawn of Justice

    This line is said during Batman's fight with Superman, showing Batman's will to take control and his belief in creating his own order in a chaotic world. It demonstrates his commitment to making sense of things, even when it requires force.


    "I've been running in circles trying to find the man who doesn't want to be found."

- "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

Batman: The Animated Series Batman villains playing cards

    This quote is Batman’s reflection on the difficulty of his mission. He often deals with elusive criminals like the Joker or the Riddler, who enjoy the cat-and-mouse game. It shows the difficulties and frustrations Batman faces in his fight against crime.


    "Deep down, you may still be that same great kid you used to be. But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you."

- "Batman Begins" (2005)

    Batman says this to Rachel Dawes, reflecting on their shared past and changes they've undergone. He emphasizes that actions define a person more than their past or their inherent nature. It's a central theme in Batman's life, as his actions as Batman define him more than his life as Bruce Wayne.


    "In my attempts to see clearly in the deepest dark, in my efforts to go to the still eye in the storm of madness, did I open myself to some pure source of evil? Did I actually create it?"

- "Batman: The Killing Joke"

    This is a deeply introspective quote. Batman questions if his presence incites more craziness and villainy in Gotham. It reflects on the theme of whether heroes inadvertently create their own villains.


    "I've worked so hard to gain their respect, they sometimes forget I'm flesh and blood."

- "Batman: Hush"

    Despite being a human with no superpowers, Batman has earned the respect of the superhero community with his intelligence, willpower, and resourcefulness. This quote reflects Batman's human vulnerability, which is often overlooked by his allies and enemies.


    "This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good."

- "The Dark Knight" (2008)

    Batman says this to Joker after the people of Gotham refuse to kill each other to save their own lives. It demonstrates Batman's faith in Gotham's citizens and his belief in their capacity for good, even in desperate situations.

The Dark Knight (2008) - Batman vs. Joker Scene


    "Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it goes the way you want, sometimes it doesn't."

- "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

Animated series quote: Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it goes the way you want, sometimes it doesn't.

    Despite his serious demeanor, Batman occasionally shows his understanding of life's unpredictability. It's a simple statement, but it shows that he's well aware he can't control everything, despite his best efforts.


    "Everyone has a choice. The question is whether we’re brave enough to make the right one."

- "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

Batman Animated series quote Everyone has a choice. The question is whether we’re brave enough to make the right one.

    This quote speaks to Batman's belief in personal responsibility and moral courage. Despite facing countless villains who blame their actions on their circumstances, Batman insists that everyone has the power to choose their own path and should strive to make ethical decisions.


    "The world's too small for someone like Bruce Wayne to disappear."

- "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)

    This line spoken by Henri Dudard, Batman's mentor who turns out to be actually Ra's al Ghul, reflects the struggles Bruce Wayne faces in keeping his Batman identity secret. His high-profile public life makes it difficult for him to operate as Batman without drawing suspicion. It shows the double life Batman leads, grappling with maintaining his secret identity while being a high-profile figure in society.


    "I'm the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."

- "Batman - Arkham Origins"
    This quote underscores Batman's impact on Gotham's criminal underworld. He presents such a potent threat that criminals feel relief only when his "working hours" are over. This line powerfully communicates the fear he instills in Gotham's criminals.

The cut scene is from the game 'Batman - Arkham Origins


    "It's not who we are but what we do that defines us."

- "Justice League Unlimited" (2004-2006)

    Batman frequently champions this idea, reinforcing the importance of actions over identity. This quote reflects Batman's belief that deeds are more telling than words or outward appearances.

Each of these quotes offers a glimpse into Batman's character and the principles that guide him, including the belief in personal responsibility, the importance of actions over identity, and the sheer force of determination and willpower. Check out our Batman t shirts. Some even have a few memorables quotes!


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