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Superman Adult Hoodies



Superman hoodies for adults featuring a comfortable cotton / polyester blend fabric and pouch pocket will keep any man or youth of steel warm on those chilly days or nights. Hoodies give wears that extra warmth with a hood, unlike regular crewneck sweatshirts.

Available in men's sizes Small to 3X Large -certainly wearable for women as well. Youth hoodies fit kids & youths in sizes Small (8) to Extra Large (18-20). Please see sizing chart below for more information.

Our Superman design adult hoodies are made from 75% cotton/25% polyester blend fabric.

Other features include:

  • Double-needle Cuffs
  • Pouch Pocket.
  • Fabric Weight  8.0 oz.

 **Double the width measurement to give you chest size**

These Superman Hoodies are available in Men's sizes Small to 5X Large. ALTERNATIVE: Premium hoodie is available in men's sizes Small to 3XLarge.

Please see sizing chart below for more detail.

size chart adult hoodie

size chart adult hoodie

This Batman Classic Purple Bat / Split Symbol Youth Hoodie is available in sizes Small (8) to Extra Large (18-20) Please see sizing chart below for more information:

size chart youth hoodie

size chart youth hoodie



Superman Hoodies

In the world of superheroes, fashion plays a significant role in expressing their iconic personalities. One such iconic piece of clothing is the Superman hoodie. Technically a hoodie is considered a sweatshirt, but we prefer to give it it's own category separate from a crew neck sweat shirt. Our officially DC Comics icensed designs are inspired by:

  •  Superman's S shield logo which is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable symbols in the world of comics, embodying the strength, hope, and heroism of the Man of Steel.
  • Symbols or images of Superman representing the Man of Steel as a symbol of heroism and virtue which has long been associated with the values of truth, justice, and the American Way.
  •  Showing the epic clash between the two DC Comics legendary superheroes - Batman and Superman in the movie "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

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The Iconic S Shield

As fans proudly don Superman hoodies merchandise featuring this iconic graphic emblem, let's take a very brief look at the history of the S shield, from its evolution from its inception in Action Comics #1 to the present.

1938 Superman Action Comics Cover
Comic book cover Action Comics #1

The S shield made its debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938, marking the first appearance of Superman. Created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the emblem was a simple yet powerful design that adorned Superman's chest, symbolizing strength and heroism. Over the years, the S shield has undergone both radical and subtle modifications, with artists adding nuances to enhance its visual impact while retaining its core essence.

In its early years, the S shield served as a symbol of hope and inspiration during a time of global unrest and WWII. Its clean, bold lines conveyed a sense of unwavering determination, mirroring the character of Superman himself. As the character evolved, so did the emblem, adapting to the changing aesthetics of comic book art while preserving its iconic status.

Superman Classic Logo Adult Hoodie
Superman Classic Logo Hoodie

The adult and youth hoodie design from the Superman Classic Logo Collection features a royal blue adult pull over hoodie which shows Superman's logo in its most classic iteration. This particular Superman's shield design first appeared in 1977 and is still commonly seen on apparel and other merchandise even today. The collection's design shows a black outlined red (pentagonal) 5 sided shield with a large red S centrally anchored against a gold/ yellow background. Could you wear this SUperman hoodie design as part of a costume. Definitely, particularly if it were a chilly day.

The  Superman Airbrush Shield hoodie design and the Superman Vintage Shield Collage hoodie design retain the 1977 version of the emblem but each add a twist to the basic design.

Superman Hoodies Inspired by Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Superman, the iconic symbol of heroism and virtue, has long been associated with the values of truth, justice, and the American Way. As fans proudly wear Superman hoodies adorned with patriotic-themed designs, they not only pay homage to the Man of Steel but also embody the enduring spirit of the American hero.

Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, made his debut in 1938 as a symbol of hope during challenging times of WWII. From the very beginning, Superman's character was deeply rooted in American ideals, reflecting the aspirations of a nation. The iconic S shield on his chest became a visual representation of his commitment to embodying the best aspects of the American spirit.

The 1978 film Superman, directed by Richard Donner, solidified this connection with the famous quote, "I'm here to fight for truth and justice and the American Way." This line encapsulates Superman's unwavering dedication to upholding moral values and defending the principles that define the American identity. Hoodie designs that feature the classic S shield alongside patriotic elements like stars, stripes, and the colors of the American flag celebrate the timeless connection between Superman and the United States. These designs evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia, harkening back to an era when the world first witnessed the emergence of the Man of Steel. Our Superman Old Glory design is a worthy interpretation of this sentiment.

Superman Old Glory Adult Hoodie

Superman Old Glory Adult Hoodie

Embrace the Heroic Style: Exploring Superman Hoodies Inspired by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" brought two of DC Comics' most iconic superheroes face to face in an epic showdown. The conflict between Superman and Batman was a central theme in the movie, and the imagery from their intense battles has been immortalized on various merchandise, including hoodies. One popular design features the clash between the Dark Knight and the Last Son of Krypton, showcasing the tension and rivalry between the two superheroes.

Batman v Superman Superhero Powers / Lightning v Heat Vision Adult Hoodie Design
Batman v Superman Superhero Powers / Lightning v Heat Vision Adult Hoodie Design

This adult hoodie from the Superhero Powers Collection, also referred to as Lightning v Heat Vision Collection, features a black hoodie with our two favorite superheroes, the Dark Knight vs. the Man of Steel in their epic fight scene from the 2016 movie, Dawn of Justice. The design shows Batman and Superman with his x ray vision fighting it out with Superman's cape swirling around  in the midst a raging rain storm with lightning bolts flashing around them.

Wearing Superman hoodies featuring designs from "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a unique and stylish way for fans to celebrate the dynamic relationship between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. From the intense clashes to the moments of friendship and collaboration, these hoodies capture the essence of one of the most iconic superhero matchups in cinematic history.

Superman hoodies inspired by the movie often incorporate symbolic elements that represent the conflicting ideologies of Batman and Superman. The iconic logos of both superheroes may be juxtaposed or entwined, symbolizing that they have been the best of friends in many story lines as well as antagonists.  These designs serve as a visual representation of the complex relationship: their differences and challenges they faced in understanding each other that evolved throughout the film and as seen in other comic story lines.

Batman v Superman Dawn Adult Hoodie
Batman v Superman Dawn Adult Hoodie
Batman v Superman Dawn Youth Hoodie

Batman v Superman Youth hoodie design from the Dawn Collection features a black hoodie showing the two most famous DC Comics characters, Batman and Superman, standing side by side with flexed clinched hands surrounded by a black background with an early dawn light glowing behind Superman. A logo that combines a bat silhouette with the Superman “S” is positioned just below the two figures. The words Batman v Superman / Dawn of Justice are found below the logo.

Whether you're Team Superman, Team Batman, or somewhere in between, these hoodies provide a fashionable and meaningful way to showcase your love for these legendary DC Comics characters.


Now let’s have some fun and speculate whether Superman’s alter ego,  Clark Kent ,  Batman‘s alter ego Bruce Wayne or any other DC character such as Bane, the Joker, Robin or Harley Quinn would wear hoodies.

Speculating on Clark Kent's Hoodie Style

While Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego, is known for his classic and modest wardrobe choices as a journalist, one can imagine him embracing the Superman hoodie in a more subtle manner. Perhaps Clark would opt for a hoodie with a discreet emblem, allowing him to express his superhero identity while maintaining his everyday persona.

Bruce Wayne's Stylish Approach

Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is renowned for his sophisticated and fashionable lifestyle. If the billionaire playboy were to wear a Superman hoodie, it would likely be a part of a carefully curated ensemble. Bruce might choose a high-end, custom-designed hoodie that seamlessly integrates into his luxurious wardrobe, allowing him to subtly acknowledge the iconic clash between the World's Finest.

Exploring Other DC Characters Hoodie Choices

The world of DC Comics is rich with diverse characters, each with their own unique styles. Speculating on whether characters like Bane, the Joker, Robin, or Harley Quinn would wear Superman hoodies adds an exciting dimension to this fashion exploration.

Bane: Known for his imposing physique and tactical prowess, Bane might opt for a casual, rugged or utilitarian hoodie, reflecting his distain for  fancy fashion sweats and the like, and for strength and resilience. His hoodie would show himself in some pose- certainly not an image of Superman or Batman.

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Bane Flex Hoodie

The Joker: The Joker's unpredictable nature might lead him to don a chaotic and eccentric version of hoodie, incorporating his own twisted sense of humor and maniacal smile into the design.
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The Jokers Splatter Smile adult hoodie  design

The Joker Splatter Smile Hoodie

Robin: Depending on which Robin we're considering, the choice of a hoodie could vary. We suspect it would be more likely for Robin to have a hoodie with just his image on it or a hoodie with himself and Batman, rather than with Superman.
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Batman and Robin Wingman Adult Hoodie in red
Batman and Robin Wingman Hoodie

Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn's playful and flamboyant personality would likely result in a vibrant and colorful hoodie, reflecting her love for chaos and mischief. It would more likely show her and the Joker together rather than have an image of Superman on it.
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Harley Quinn City Adult Hoodie

Harley Quinn City


The fusion of superhero mythology and fashion opens up endless possibilities for fans to express their love for iconic characters. Whether it's Clark Kent subtly embracing his superhero identity or Bruce Wayne incorporating a Superman hoodie into his sophisticated wardrobe, the world of DC Comics offers a plethora of imaginative scenarios. Speculating on how other characters like Bane, the Joker, Robin, or Harley Quinn would interpret this iconic piece of clothing adds an exciting layer to the ever-evolving world of superhero fashion. So, why not embrace the heroic style and let your favorite DC character inspire your next hoodie choice or gift to special Superman fan?



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