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Bane Collections



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When the character Bane was first introduced in January 1993 in the DC comic: Batman: Vengeance of Bane, issue #1, his creators writer Chuck Dixon and artist Graham Nolan envisioned him as as a dangerous adversary of the superhero Batman. 

Superhumanly strong, Bane escaped the prison where he was raised and became a test subject for the super­ steroid called Venom, heading to Gotham City to amass power and territory. It appears Bane is destined for a life of corruption. The writers have Bane make his mark, defeating the Batman by breaking his back. DC comic: Batman #497 (July 1993). Since this epic Knightfall attack, Bane's reputation skyrocketed as whispers of his devastating attack spread like wildfire through the Gotham criminal underground.

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The Bane character evolves through myriad DC story lines and depictions not only in comics, but also  in films and TV shows. Mostly he is a villain, but there are story lines where he fights along side Batman and the good guys!

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