Batman T Shirts Officially Licensed DC Comics Designs
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Batman T Shirts

Our traditional / classic fit Batman t shirts are made from high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton. 

Features include:

  • Shoulder to shoulder taping
  • Seamless 1x1 rib collar with two needle cover stitching on front neck
  • Two needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Fabric Weight 5.5 oz.

**Double the width measurement to get your chest size**

Batman classic fit T Shirts are available in Men's Sizes Small to 5X Large.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • 2X Large +2.00
  • 3X Large +4.00
  • 4X Large +6.00
  • 5X Large +7.00

size chart standard adult t shirt


Our classic fit Batman T Shirts are the traditional shape and material (100% cotton) that you've grown to love over the years. Sit back, relax, and grab yourself a drink while you're at it because browsing through our hundreds of Batman classic tee designs might take as long as watching your favorite Batman movie.

In addition you will find a huge selection of Batman Logos & Signal images on classic fit 100% cotton adult t shirts.  Our sublimated t-shirts are made with 100% polyester and feature an all over print on the front and also the back (for an additional charge).

The regular Batman classic fit cotton t shirt in size Small is 18" x 27".

The sublimated Batman classic t shirt  in size Small is 18" x 28".

Over the past 75 years, the Batman logo has taken on many iterations and you will find many of them here.  Also, we are featuring the Batman logo with a twist, such as the logo with gargoyles or flames.  If you're looking for a Batman logo from a specific movie, TV show, DC Comic era or a video game, odds are you'll find that here too.

All of our 100% cotton Batman Logo & Symbols Classic Fit T Shirts are available in men's sizes small to 5X-Large!



Batman T Shirts

Batman T shirts are sartorial necessities for the casually cool Batman fan. If you're one of us, take a stand, stake your claim and proudly demonstrate your truth. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, wear a Batman t shirt on your body, own your colors and show your flag! It's obviously who you really are and it's time to let 'em all know.

Holy One-Eyed Jacks! This Guys A Fan!

If you are or know a Batman fan, then just stop wasting time and pull the trigger on that awesome gift - and don't feel guilty if you buy it as gift but never give it away. It was really meant for you all along! While you're browsing, remember that it doesn't matter that you might already own a Batman T, because as you can probably guess just by looking around, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!


Batman Hush Batsuit Sublimated Collection

The Secret Handshake

At the Class Act, there was a long line of people waiting outside, but very few were getting in. This party had been planned for over a year. It was Batman night. So if you didn't show up in a Batman shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, or costume - you weren't getting in. A lot of people tried. The members were informed in advance and had no problem - they were all wearing the proper attire - some even had masks and capes. We even saw some Batman themed body painted naked folks in attendance. Their art was fabulous and they deserved to capture most of the attention.

Sublimated design: Batman 75 panels

Batman 75 Panels Sublimated Collection


Fly Your Flag

As soon as you put that shirt on, you'll know the difference it can make in the way you perceive yourself. Feel the focus, sense the exceptional. It might be the mystery of the unknown warrior, or the significance of that distant thunder approaching in the night. Whatever you call it, it's experienced by that unmistakeably powerful attitude that takes over the moment you put on that new Batman t shirt. It's not just you. Everyone in the room can detect that energy. So try to calm down for their sake.

Sublimated Batman Black White Bat Head design

Black White Bat Head Sublimated Collection


Give It To Grandpa

Or Grandma. The 2 of them probably were fans before you were born, so don't assume they're clueless when it comes to the Dark Knight. They may know more than you, and if they do, you owe it to the world to preserve some of that knowledge. A gift of a Batman t shirt just might start that convo going. Good questions can help. If the talk turns toward Batman tales of yore, make sure you record it for posterity.

You Mad Bro Batman t shirt design

Batman You Mad Bro T Shirt Design


Surreptitious By Necessity

There are a lot of folks who like to wear a Batman t shirt under a regular button up. Or perhaps they're wearing a t shirt that's printed to look just like that. It's a shirt printed to look like you're wearing 2 shirts. And this shirt itself is a favorite to be worn under a button up. Wearing a Batman shirt under a dress shirt enables you to button up and wear a tie, or down and say what you really think. Batman can help you with this last part.

Sublimated Batman

Batman Disguised Sublimated Collection


Open Call For Heroes

That beam of light flashing up into the night sky is a cry for help, projected onto the clouds. It signals an emergency along with the hope of rescue. People need you. Injustice is being perpetrated across the land and no one else has the strength & courage to stand up to the bad guys. At times like this, when others are frightened away, the valiant few go toward the danger. You've trained all your life for this moment. Suck it up, grit your teeth. Put on that t shirt...

Iconic Batman logo yellow  on Black

Batman Classic Logo Collection



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