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MoonatMidnight Customers' Hall of Fame

Strut your MoonatMidnight purchase proudly on our MoonatMidnight Hall of Fame page.

We welcome your pics of your recent MoonatMidnight purchase whether it is a t shirt (swoon, swoon), a hoodie ( so coool), a sweatshirt or tank top AND even a onesie for the littlest of our DC Comic characters' fans.

Now Bane may get grumpy if he sees more Batman designs on the page than Bane swag.  And the Joker, that unpredictable arch villain may try something, like messing up the code so the page doesn't even show. But we trust Batman, Superman, all the various Robins (so many it's hard to keep track of who is who) and the rest of the Justice League to keep the rogue elements under control. 

So here's to you, our MoonatMidnight customers....Go for it.

Just send a jpg of you wearing your MoonatMidnight purchase to batmoonatmidnight@gmail.com and we will post to this page.

NOTE: We will identify the image by:

  • First name plus first initial of last name (unless you request otherwise)
  • Date of purchase
  • And any comment you would like to make including what state or country you are from.
  • Please read our Terms of Use  below.

Bane is poking me in the rib (a bit painful, I must say) to remind you that he is watching!



Batman & Superman shaking hands within a frame wearing t shirts

Superman   6/2023
I like the Superman t shirt from the Big Blue design collection since it reminds me of my early days in DC comics. It would have been nice if the blue matched my regular Superman suit and the sleeve openings were larger to accommodate my biceps, but all in all I love this t shirt and its design.

Batman   7/2023
I was encourage by Superman to take a looked at all the Batman designs at MoonatMidnight. I decided upon a tank top with the Batman in Action / Bat Effects design. It was a hard decision since I liked all the Batman T shirt designs. But this particular design sure does bring back memories of the many early DC comic covers when folks were just beginning to read about my adventures and become big fans. Love my pose and the sound effects Kaboom! Whak, Boom, Whoom!






 Penquin wearing a Warhol Batman t shirt under his formal suit

  Penquin   9/2023
I'm really disappointed MooatMidnight doesn't have any collections with  my distinquished look which would look very excellent on t shirts, hoodies, and sweatshits. The ladies would swoon. Well, I settled on this Batman Warhol Collection design in a t shirt which you might think strange since I am after all one of Batman's nemeses. However, I think the colors are striking and coordinate well with my lavender paints and bow tie. And I like Andy Warhol.




Bane wearing a Bane Flex  design tank topBane wearing a Bane Head design tank top

  Bane  10/2023
Ok Ok so I ended up with two tank tops which show off my colossal biceps. I deserve some new tank tops, plus, these two designs, Bane Flex and Bane Head really capture my personality and spirit. I look great. No one's going to mess with me. Way to go MoonatMidnight! And hey, how about adding some more Bane T shirt collections with Bane designs so all my admirers have even more choices.




The Riddler with hat wearing a Joker Bang  t shirt under his green suit

  Riddler  Not telling. You figure it out.
Well, well. What's with the Joker getting a bunch of collections on MoonatMidnight, but not me. Sure you do write about me on the page about Batman Villains. I defintely belong there, but I would suggest you look into some t shirts with my handsome countenance. You do know that green is a VERY popular color. As you can see I settled for a Joker t shirt from the Joker Bang Collection. After all he is probably my only friend among the Batman villians. So this is a shout out to you, Joker.




2 images of Robin wearing a Dynamic Duo t shirt and wearing a Robin Gothcha t shirt

Robin  8/2023
The MoonatMidnight youth T shirts fit me perfectly. I bought two. The Dynamic Duo design shows Batman and me doing our thing. I love all thoss bat signals calling for our help in the background.The Robin Gotcha design allows me to really stand out. I just love how that spotlight with my black shadow creates a really dramatic look. Sure, I am Batman's steadfast side kick, but I also like to stand out as an individual as well. 




2 boys in Batman t shirts- Hush & Batman in Action designs

LS 12-2023
Had my two grandkids choose t shirts from the Batman Collections for Christmas. The older choose the Batman Hush logo, while the younger chose the Batman in Action/ Bat Effects. Both choices really reflected the kids' personalities and age! 




Joker wearing Joker Splatter t shirt

Joker  2-08-2024
I see I'm a bit late to the party, having just discovered MoonatMidnight.com and their collections of Joker inspired designs. Glad to see the Riddler was together enough to get one of my t shirt designs. Hey, we're buddies. Wasn't pleased to give up my vest, but this Joker Spaltter  t shirt perfectly captures my delightful grin and maniacal personality. I give the design a Joker thumbs up rating. Gotta pick up that Joker Ave t shirt at some point. I love all those ha has in the background. Hey, the rest of you check out ALL my Joker t shirts. When I walk the streets of Gotham I want to see EVERYONE wearing a Joker t shirt. No exceptions! 


















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