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Robin Gotcha Collection


The Robin Gotcha design shows an illustration in black, white, & grey with tones of red of Dick Greyson as Robin with a spotlight shining on him. Dick Greyson was Batman's first sidekick Robin, before going on to become Nightwing. Bruce Wayne, secretly the vigilante Batman, took him in as his legal ward after witnessing the  death of DIck's parents who were brutally murdered by a mafia boss in an attempt to extort money from the circus that employed them.

Five different iterations of Robin, Batman's sidekick, have been introduced in various story lines over the past 75 years in DC Comics. Dick Greyson was the first Robin. Jason Todd as Robin was introduced in 1980 after Dick Greyson became Nightwing. Carrie Kelly was the first full-time female Robin in the history of the Batman DC comics franchise. She was introduced in the 2011 New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. A year after Jason Todd was supposedly killed off, Batman gained another new Robin, a teenage genius called Timothy Drake. The 2nd female Robin, Stephanie Brown, previously the vigilante Spoiler. She lasted as Robin in a very few DC comic book episodes. The fourth male Robin was Damian Wayne, the only biological son of Batman. Unlike the other Robins, Damian is introduced as rude and entitled.

Our Robin Gotcha apparel collection features t shirts, hoodies & sweatshirts for adults, youths and kids.

To learn more about Robin, read our post The Ever-Evolving Role of Robin: Batman's Dynamic Sidekick.

Or read the Wikipedia page, Batman and Robin (comic book) 


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