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Superman Old Man Kal Collection

The reference to Kal in the Superman Old Man Kal Collection refers to the name Superman was given by his biological parents, Jor-El and Lara on the planet, Krypton, where he was born: Kal-L. On Krypton, his name signifies that he is Kal of the House of El. El means Child and Kal means star. Thus the name Kal-El means Child of the Stars. The first mention of the name Kal-L (note that there was no E before the letter L) came in the a newspaper strip published on January 17, 1939.

In this Superman Old Man Kal Collection we see a retired Superman (some grey in his hair and wrinkles on his face) from Earth 22 coming out of retirement to fight evil as part of the 52 universe Superman army.

You can read more about Superman as Kal, in the story lines of Superman of Earth-22 at this DC Fandom page. Earth-22 stands as an example of what can go wrong when actions blur the line between super heroes and super villains

Proudly wear your t shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and sweatshirts with this officially licensed Superman Old Man Kal design of Superman (Old Mn Kal) bursting right off your t shirt..

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