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Batman Arkham Knight Sketchy Girl


Dr. Harleen Quinzel, later known as Harley Quinn became obsessively fixated on her Arkham Asylum patient, The Joker, and believed herself to be in love with him. After helping him escape she took on the name Harley Quinn. One of the newest and most popular Batman villains is Harley Quinn, assistant to The Joker and former psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum. Harley Quinn is a memorable villain in Arkham Knight.

To learn more about this character go to the Arkham City fandom site.

OR Read our post  about Harley Quinn and other Batman villains.

The Sketchy Girl design features Harley Quinn from the neck up and is sketched in black with red accents. Harley sports pig tails, a red rose with trailing thorns to her right, a metal neck collar, red eye makeup that resembles blood and on her left  a small sketch of her holding her weapon of choice -- a baseball bat. Scroll work surrounds the words Harley Quinn with a mall R.I.P. tucked below.

Our Batman Arkham Knight Sketchy Girl apparel collection can be found on four white adult t shirt styles, a tank top, polo shirt, hoodie and adult sweatshirt.


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